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How do we create more entrepreneurs?

From a very young age, the system we live in does a great job at forcing you down the road of selling your labor and time for money. It starts with compulsory school which creates a dependency in which you get used to being told what to do. It creates people who will struggle to exist in more entrepreneurial environments where no one tells you the rules or exactly what you need to be working on.

This then continues with higher education and obtaining a college degree. The three things you don’t talk about at the dinner table are religion, politics, and dropping out of college. Our current system has created a religion around the college degree. Making matters worse is the fact that it costs $60,000 a year in student loans to be accepted into the church.

Many people decide to continue down this expensive priesthood after they are finished with their undergraduate studies by pursuing...

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The Best Films I’ve Seen (Sorted by Theme)


Why This List?

As anyone who knows me can tell you, it usually takes me about 10 minutes into a conversation to bring up my love of film. It’s one of the subjects that I can talk about non-stop. Because of this I usually get asked for movie recommendations or lists. This is my attempt to condense the best movies I’ve seen into relevant themes.

The way I recommend approaching this list is to watch the films under each category in a short period of time to see if you can identify the common thread which (in my mind at least) groups them together. I would love to hear your feedback if you are able to finish one theme or even your thoughts on one film in particular.

I plan on constantly updating the list, so feel free to check back every month or so for any new updates!


Lawrence of Arabia (1962) dir. David Lean

Interstellar (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan

2001: A Space Odyssey...

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How to Break the Simulation

The following post was originally a private document created by Prakash Kadiri and I. We had been thinking about this concept which Kanye West called “ the simulation” and why it is so hard to escape. The document we wrote has basically constituted my life philosophy and informed my decision-making in the past year. My life has been quite an adventure ever since.


The simulation is a mentally created rat race that is reinforced by our environment. It causes man to give up his free will over to institutions, leading to an unfulfilling life. Because of the environments we are placed in, institutions signal specific messages on how life should be lived. People then create and pursue goals that they are led to believe are their own but are not their own. In the simulation, we live a life for the sake of others and not ourselves. Our happiness, joy, and success...

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